Weekend Wrap Up

Dinner's ready!

No, I didn’t run off to Japan for dinner – I made this curry and bunny-shaped rice myself! It’s a kit from Blippo that I’ll be reviewing on Super Cute Kawaii this week. I can’t even remember anything else about this week. What have I been doing? I have no idea. Packing a lot of orders, I guess.

News, Offers and Reminders

  • I’ve put a few 5 Year Diaries in my shop for immediate shipping, if you’re outside the UK and missed out on a Christmas pre-order. There’s a new pre-order batch for UK Christmas (or New Year international) delivery and some ex-display diaries going cheap too.
  • 30% off my spiral-bound diaries and Kawaii Japan book at Lulu through Monday with the code FLASH30 .
  • New offers all the time in my Zazzle store - sign up for their mailing list or check the coupons page.
  • 50% off my stickers at Redbubble, if you buy any 6 designs!
  • I’ve posted my last order dates for Christmas delivery

Cross Stitch Kits In Store

Kawaii Breakfast Cross Stitch

Remember my cute cross stitch collaborations with The Bellwether? The breakfast kits haven’t been available since Claire semi-retired, but she’s helped me to put together a small stack of them to sell myself. Each breakfast kit contains the charts for all four characters, plus fabric and threads for one character of your choice and needle, instructions etc. They’re very easy so great for some stitching in front of the TV or to give as gifts to a new stitcher.

christmas pudding kit

I’ve also got just a couple of these Christmas pudding ornament kits too, complete with wooden ornament to stitch on. Perfect for your Christmas tree!

All the characters are available as PDF charts too, so if you’ve already got some supplies, you can get stitching straight away!

Tiny Frames


I bought these tiny 3″ frames in IKEA* a few weeks ago, because CUTE and also £1.50. I had no idea what to put in them, so I had a trawl through my photos and ended up going with these two, from my first and third Japan trips. The frames are a really weird size, so I just printed the images out myself on to photo paper.


The frames are wide blocks of wood so they stand up by themselves and you can stack them or put little things on top. I’ve been moving them around the place like ornaments so hopefully they will remind me to keep saving to go back to Japan next year!

*The frames are called Tysslinge, but they’re not on the website.

Penny Black Opens Today!

penny black

If you’re anywhere near the West End of Glasgow today, you need to pop into Penny Black, the new Post Office, cafe and gift shop that opens today! I got a preview at the weekend and it looks amazing, and not just because of my branding designs. That signage cost us a lot of sleepless nights but it looks so good.

penny black

Also exciting – seeing a logo you designed on stacks of coffee cups!

CAAAAKE! I got to try the caramel cheesecake- amazing.

It’s worth going just for the cheesecake, which we got to try. On the left is Tunnock’s teacake and the right is tablet, but there are loads of unbelievable flavours that could be there when you visit.

Good luck to @pennyblackgla who open today! You'll find a few of my characters there :)

The gift shop side is equally awesome, with tons of cool cards and indie gifts. You may spot a few familiar characters!

Please do visit if you get the chance, not just because they’ve put in so much hard work, but also because if Penny Black is successful, maybe more Post Offices will think about doing something exciting in future, rather than shoving it in the back of a horrible barely-stocked Costcutter, like where I live. There’s a great feature on STV that’s worth a read and shows off more of the shop and stock.

Shop News


There’s been lots going on behind the scenes in my shop and my desk is a mess of just-opened parcels, surrounded by piles of empty boxes and misprinted notepads.

seasonal fruit and veg fridge magnets

Firstly, my seasonal fruit and veg magnets are back in stock! A lot of people have been asking about them and I managed to get some more that are good quality. I don’t have that many so don’t hang about.

New inside print!

There’s also something new about my Happy Birthday in Space cards – printing inside! I love adding designs inside and this card has been so popular, I thought it was about time. Still the same price too – just £2, or any 2 cards for £3.

Less excitingly, my Busy Bee Organisers are out of stock and I’m not sure if I’ll get more before Christmas. With anything that’s out of stock, do sign up to be notified when they’re back (you’ll find the option on the product’s page) as getting a bunch of those emails will always bump things up the re-order list.

More exciting news to come!

Weekend Wrap Up

Today's view - sunny, cold, John Logie Baird.

I think I can safely say that the Christmas shopping season has started. On shipping days, I rarely get outside before the sun starts setting (that’s a statue of John Logie Baird, inventor of television and born in Helensburgh). It’s been pretty crazy over here and my iPhone exploded too – well, the battery had “a reaction” and started pushing its way out of my phone. Luckily, Apple replaced it for free. Tomorrow is super-exciting as I finally get to see Penny Black, the cafe/shop/post office I’ve been designing for. I can’t wait to see all the signage in real life and the logo everywhere! It’ll be open for everyone next week and I’ll be sure to share some photos.

News, Offers and Reminders

2015 Calendar Magnets & Postcards

2015 calendar postcards

Finally, I have 2015 calendar magnets and postcards. The printing costs have gone up horrifically, so I only have a few magnets to sell as I need the rest for my family. I do also have postcard packs, which are much more affordable, and look just as great on your fridge! Get them both here.

Very limited amounts of calendar magnets are in the shop now, plus postcard packs!

My Most Popular Free Downloads


I’m glad so many people have downloaded my ghost garland – the photo above is Emma’s Autumnal display – so cute!

I have quite a few free things available, and I noticed recently that Fetch tracks my downloads, so here’s what’s been most popular.

Cookie Cute ornaments

Cookie Cute Decorations
These have been featured all over the place and are super-popular every Christmas. You’ve got plenty time to make a garland or decorations before December.

oddments 2 zine

Oddments #2 – Pumpkin on your Head
I am beyond delighted that my second most popular download is a silly zine I wrote about things I’ve worn on my head. You are all awesome.

oddments 3

Oddments #3 – What I Wore
Another free zine, this time collecting all my outfit drawings. I should perhaps update this with all the newer ones too.

angel bunny zine

Angel Bunny Gets Lost
A little comic about Angel Bunny that I made at a zine workshop. I’m still quite proud of this!

2014 calendar desktop wallpapers

2014 Desktop Wallpapers
I’ve been quite surprised at how popular these were. Maybe I will do some brand new ones for 2015.

Cute Christmas Gift Tags
People have been starting to download these again so there should be lots of cute gifts out there this Christmas!

There’s lots more too, and they’re all collected on my Free Downloads page so go nuts. And if you’ve enjoyed using any of them, I would really appreciate it if you left a review on the download’s product page so others can see that they’re worth downloading.

Last Day for 2 for 1 Fat Quarters


If you’re still thinking about getting your 2 for 1 fat quarters at Spoonflower, you better make a decision as today’s the last day! I know it says 11th above but I didn’t make that image and it really is the 12th. Ends about 3am UK time tomorrow.

I’ve been getting lots of email notifications about sales of my tea towel calendars and it’s so exciting! It’s nice to think about them being used in kitchens next year.

Also, 2015 calendar postcards and magnets are finally coming. Should have them soon!