October Round-up


A return to end of the month updates! I got burned out on these from having to do an outfit drawing to go with them, but I’m bringing them back as the reviews, links etc. are much better suited to a monthly post. I will probably just be drawing a new avatar instead, which I can use on social media too. Anyway, onwards!

Fave 5 from the blog

Free ghost garland printable
Kaiwa Japan interview with Rachael of Hannah Zakari
How my on-demand products are holding up to regular use
My 2015 calendar designs revealed
A look back at my favourite ghostly makes

Links I Loved

– Miniature sewing-themed gashapon charms! Stop it Japan!
– I think I really really need to make a flying squirrel needle minder.
– Really interesting article on how matcha is made.
Depictions of comets through the ages (via Laura)
Amazing photo of Earth from behind the Moon that is my new desktop wallpaper.
– Will never tire of reading the Bad Astronomer go off on how dumb astrology is.
My favourite Halloween comic this year
- What it’s really like designing a fabric collection for a big manufacturer.
– Great tips from Tilly on turning your hobby into a business.

Added to my Wishlist


MountRoyalMint Ursa Major | Skiing Ghost Sticker Pack | Habitat Planet Bauble
Heebie Jeebie Momiji | MiruBrugmann Orange Wolf Planter

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Glitter Ghost Halloween Contest

glitter ghost

Yes, so look what I’ve got – Glitter Ghosts! My Little Ghost brooches have been so popular all year round, I thought it might be fun to do something special for Christmas, and what better than glitter? These brooches are laser cut from a clear acrylic packed full of sparkly glitter – the general colour is silver, but you get little hints of other colours too, especially when they catch the light. These are a limited edition run of 50 so don’t miss out. They come with their own special packaging too.

Limited Edition Glitter Ghost Brooch Packaging

Since there are so many of my ghosts out there in the wild, I’m having a little giveaway/contest TOMORROW. Just take a photo of your ghost friend out and about on Halloween and post it on Instagram, tagging me (@marcelinesmith). If you don’t have Instagram, you can email it to me at hello@askingfortrouble.org instead. You can enter photos of any of my ghosts, whether it’s brooches, badges, ornaments or my free garland.

Limited Edition Glitter Ghost Brooches

I’ll pick one or two favourites over the weekend and they’ll win their own glitter ghost and postcard.

Entering the contest gives me permission to post your photo on the blog with credit link. Open worldwide – contest ends at midnight in the last time zone on Halloween so start planning now. Hope to see some ghosts up to no good!

Ghostly Flashback

hannah zakari window

I love ghosts so I thought it might be fun to look back on some of my previous ghostly makes, especially since reposting my trapped ghost got a few questions from new followers. I made him four years (!) ago when Hannah Zakari let me take over their shop window for Halloween.

spooky doodles

He was based on these doodles I did on the ferry to Mull that I later turned into badges and fabric.

Pocket Ghost Giveaway

I also made some pocket-sized ghosts, two years running. I really planned to make more this year but I kept forgetting. Someone remind me next year!

Found my fire and ice zelda ghosts in my tapestry box. High five!

I found my perler bead ice and fire Zelda ghosts hiding in a box recently and now they have pride of place on top of my type drawer. High five!

Get your little ghosts ready for a Halloween photo and you could win a very exciting ltd edition ghost! Any guesses what's under the protective paper?! Find out everything on Thursday...

And finally, I’ll be having a little contest for Halloween so get your ghosts ready for a photo and you could win one of these exciting new limited edition ghost brooches. Any guesses what’s underneath the protective paper? Find out tomorrow!

Exciting Mail Week

I was really hoping for some exciting post today but definitely wasn't expecting ghost marshmallows! Thank you @tinyotterpaws :)

There’s nothing like getting something exciting in the post, especially when you’re not expecting it. Doubly so, if it’s surprise marshmallow ghosts! These are made by Zukr in Edinburgh (why did no-one tell me about them before?) and were a surprise gift from Claire. You probably just about have time to order some for Halloween yourself.

Box of amazingness from @hannah_zakari - I love it all, thank you!

I also got a big box of surprises from Hannah Zakari as payment for my zine piece. So many great things! My favourites are below – I love the watermelon brooch, which is both awesome and perfect for craft fairs and things so people can say hello. I’m definitely going to give the sunae (sand art) kit a go sometime too, and how cute is the little bracelet?

hannah zakari

The zine is a really good read too - go get your free copy! And while you’re there, there’s an interview with me on the HZ blog too.

@paulinahonig has been busy making coin purses :)

My mum has been busy sewing up more coin purses, along with some new secret prototypes! They need a little bit of tweaking, but I may well have some for sale before Christmas. I also got something very exciting from the laser cutters so check back for that later this week.

New 2015 Tea Towel Calendars


At last, here are my 2015 calendar designs! I made three this year because I had too many ideas. The Solar System one is my favourite, and the most unique, so it will be my Spoonflower tea towel contest entry in a couple of weeks, and the one on my magnets.

Anyway, here are the others. 5 A Day vegetables, which would make an ace tea towel.


And a Super Cute Kawaii calendar, in honour of our new design.


The first two are available to buy on Spoonflower now and I’ll be adding them all to Zazzle as posters soon. I still can’t find affordable postcard printing for multiple designs this year so I may just put these up on-demand. Which is your favourite?

Weekend Wrap Up

@tinyotterpaws asked what I'm doing now - packing orders!

This has been such a stressful week with so many deadlines, and I still have a craft fair to prepare for! I will be glad to get out to the countryside tomorrow where phone service is patchy at best. Thankfully, I also got lots of super-exciting post that I must share with you. I’ve also been getting more of your Halloween orders out – there are still a few ghostcards there ready to pop in with any order over £5 this month, but hurry as Monday morning is probably your last chance for Halloween delivery.

News, Offers and Reminders

Free Halloween Ghost Garland Printable

free halloween printable

I have been meaning to make a ghost garland printable for ages and I’m so glad I finally sat down and designed it. With Halloween only a few days away you still have plenty time to put one of these together – I did mine in less than an hour! Featuring everyone’s favourite Little Ghost and a new pumpkin friend, you can print these off for garlands, double-sided hanging ornaments, tags or anything else you fancy.

Ghost Garland

Look how cosy my fireplace looks in the evenings! This is still my favourite thing about my flat and having some cute ghosts adds an extra level of awesome. (and yes, I put the fire on especially for this photo, and I will take that garland down if I start using it in the winter – don’t set your house on fire).

Ghost Garland

It’s FREE to download and I recommend you do, as there will be a special photo contest for Halloween. More on that next week!

Inver Cottage This Sunday


Those of you who have been around for a while may remember I did a few craft fairs at the lovely Inver Cottage by Loch Fyne. They are having a last hurrah before they close for the season and so I will be there THIS SUNDAY with whatever I can fit in my suitcase. Girl Industries will be there too, plus some other nice folks, plus the food is amazing and it’s just generally a nice day out.

Sorry for the late notice, but a) it was all a bit last minute, and b) I forgot. Anyway, more details on their Facebook page if you can make it.

Recent Purchases

Yay, got my kitty slippers thanks to @jijipunch! This is the postman's view now.

I haven’t been buying a whole lot lately, as I’ve been spending all my money on restock for Christmas and buying 10 different types of envelopes (oh, the excitement…). I really wanted these fluffy cat slippers I saw in Sainsburys but they didn’t have my size – luckily my sister found some and sent them up – yay! I love them so much, but my postman is going to think I’m even more crazy since this will be his view from now on. (Forgive my dusty doormat, but it does actually get used for its purpose and I wasn’t going to get the hoover out especially for this photo).


I wrote a post about kawaii gardening on Super Cute Kawaii recently, which was surprisingly popular, partly due to someone re-using these adorable Korean hand cream pots as planters. I couldn’t resist buying one and after much deliberation I picked what appears to be a squirrel and ordered from BeautyNetKorea. It’s much smaller than it looked in pictures, so not really that good for gardening, but it’s definitely helping cute up my bathroom. It also came with a bunch of free samples – the most adorable one is something I will never use (do I really need white hands?) but I also got some natural aloe vera and avocado moisturisers that I have been trying out. I would recommend the site – they do free shipping worldwide and have lots of cute brands.

I bought a tiny pumpkin! Making a Halloween shelf now.

And finally, I was in Waitrose at the weekend and they had tiny perfect pumpkins! I am still undecided whether to give it a face, but I’ve started making a little Halloween display.