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It’s been a weird weather week with lovely spring sunshine (and white daffodils!) plus heavy snow showers. I can’t wait to get over to hot sunny Japan! Less than two weeks to go now.

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  • 20% off all t-shirt styles in my Redbubble shop today only with the code SPRUCEUP. I really like the tee I bought so get on this.
  • 20% off everything in my Zazzle store this weekend with the code TWENTYOFFZAZ.
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  • Free wallpapers and printable planners for May & June are already online. I’ll be emailing them out tomorrow and June 1st as usual, along with special offers so go join my mailing list.
  • I won’t be shipping orders from 10th May – 6th June so don’t wait if you want something soon.
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April Round Up

april 2016 wallpaper

Goodbye April! Now it’s almost time for GOING TO JAPAN.

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No TV or books as I’m not watching anything new and haven’t finished any books. Too much Japan planning.

How was your month? (No-one ever answers this)


Happy Accident

banana brooches

A couple of weeks ago, I unpacked a new order of acrylic pieces from the laser cutters and realised my bananas were in the wrong colour of yellow. I kind of liked them better though, so I checked with my Instagram followers and it was a unanimous vote in favour of the lighter yellow.

Happy Banana Brooch

I’ve now taken new photos and replaced my banana brooches with the new colour, so you can pick one up now to cheer up your summer outfits. Don’t forget, I won’t be shipping orders from 9th May – 6th June so hurry if you want one.

Happy Banana Brooch

I’m glad this mistake had a happy ending but I will be both double checking what I’m ordering in future and trying to restrain my over-excitement and order more samples before launching a new product!

Japan, Japan 2016

How To Plan Your Japan Trip Using My Guide

So you’ve bought my Planning For Japan guide book and booked your flights. Now what? Here’s how I’ve been using the guide to organise my own itinerary.

planning for japan guide book

The first thing to do is read the guide in full and mark all the places you’re interested in. You can highlight entries in a PDF reader or print the whole thing out and use a pen.

Start a new blank document for your notes (I like Google Docs, as you can access it online from all your devices) and a new Google Map (click on the menu (three lines) and choose My Places, then Maps and then Create Map). Now you’re ready to add places.

Copy each place from the guide into your document using my descriptions and the web link to find the branch location/s. If you already know which areas/cities you’re visiting, you can create a new page for each; otherwise you can do that later. Add notes for yourself, like directions (eg, nearest station and exit), entry fees and opening days and times. If you can’t find the information on their own website, Japan Guide is amazing for museums, galleries and sights, while Time Out Tokyo lists most shops and restaurants.


You can see one of my pages above, for my overnight stay in Hiroshima. It’s mostly taken up with 3 main visits (Kobe Ropeway, Peace Park & Museum and Miyajima) that I have made some notes for (and have more in my guidebook). I’ve also listed a few things that are on my map if I find myself nearby or have to change my plans.

japan map

Add each place to your map as you go. Hopefully it will turn up straight away on a search, but for some trickier places, you may need to try a few search terms, look up the address on their website or find the name in kanji. For chain restaurants, add all the branches that are near any area you might visit, so you’ll be able to check the map if you’re hungry. You can edit the title of each marker to make the name clearer, and also add notes. If you’re especially organised, you can even colour code your markers.


Whenever you add something, zoom right in to see what’s around there so you can mark any other interesting places you might spot. This is especially good to do around your hotel as it will save you stumbling around when you arrive desperate for some Pocky or a coffee. It’s good to see my Nagoya hotel has three konbini and a Donki within a couple of blocks, plus tons of restaurants.

Eventually, you should end up with a map full of pins showing all your places to go. Don’t forget to add places from your other guidebooks and web research too. Hopefully they’ll be bunched together and you can work out easy itineraries to get around them all. Some things will be out of town and will need a special train journey, so check what lines the station is on and whether they connect to another area you’ll be visiting.

You can import your Google Maps places into to use offline. It’s a bit convoluted, but follow this guide. Once you have a KML file, email it to yourself and click on the file to import into

Remember to print a hard copy of your document to take with you, plus you can also print sections of your map straight from Google Maps. Just zoom in to to a good level of detail, centre everything on the screen and click the 3 dots by the map name to print to either a PDF or image.

Let me know how you get on!


Afternoon Tea Gift Wrap

Afternoon Tea Wrapping Paper

Back in 2010, I ordered my first two wrapping paper designs including Cakeify & Friends. That design was discontinued a couple of years ago, so it’s nice to have the characters back in a new Afternoon Tea design.

afternoon tea gift wrap set

The new design is cuter and more in line with current trends with watercolour style illustrations, polka dots and pastel colours. It’s perfect for birthdays and other sweet celebrations.

Gift Tags

As always, you can buy a gift wrap set with matching tags and stickers or pick and mix flat sheets and gift tags from all my designs.

Gift Wrap Collection

I’m still not great at wrapping gifts myself, but they do all look super cute together. Have a look at the whole collection in my shop or on Etsy.