Summer Postcard Club

summer postcard club

Last month, after a record-breaking 8 consecutive days without any post at all, I thought I should organise something and came up with the Summer Postcard Club.

What’s the Summer Postcard Club?
Basically, I gather up some interested parties and we send postcards to each other this summer for some guaranteed surprise fun post.

How does it work?
Depending how many people sign up, I’m thinking we’ll each send and receive maybe 4-6 postcards each, split into groups if necessary. You’ll send each person a postcard and write or draw something on the back. You can send the postcards from your holidays, or from home. You can buy postcards, make them or use ones you already own.

I want in!
Awesome. Check you’re okay with the following and then sign up below.

  • You need to send all your postcards this summer, so by the end of September at the very latest. This is super duper important – swaps are so disappointing if someone flakes.
  • You may have to send a few overseas, but it’s just a postcard. Going by my blog readership, I would suspect the majority will be in the UK so consider your signup accordingly.
  • And really, just send a postcard. No envelopes or extra gifts required.
  • Adults only please. i.e. don’t get your kids to make/write the postcards. If someone wants to organise a kids version, that would be cool.
  • You don’t need to have a blog but it would be nice if we all share postcard pics on our Instagram/Tumblr/Whatevers.

That’s all. SIGN UP HERE with your name, address and a few key words to help people choose a postcard you might like. I’ll leave that open for ONE WEEK so don’t dither about it. After that, I’ll split us into random groups as necessary and email you all back.

If you have any issues or questions, leave a comment or email me.


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July Wallpapers


There was almost no wallpaper for today, but I have battled through an eyeball injury* to get something finished. This month features the very first character I created – Cakeify the happy cupcake.

*everything to do with eye health sounds horrifying, but it’s not that big a deal. I do need to rest it up so blogging may be more sporadic than usual for the next few weeks.


As always, I’ve made a desktop wallpaper with or without a calendar, plus an iPhone/mobile wallpaper. These should fit most computers and smartphones. Download the July Wallpapers.

Want to be emailed on the 1st of every month with a link to download the latest wallpapers, instead of waiting for me to blog them? Well then, join my mailing list and you’ll get an email of cuteness once a month, as well as first look at my sales and other exclusive offers.

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June Round Up


Half the year over already!

Fave 5 from the blog

New Stuff

Links I Loved

Read more ›

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Type Drawer of Tiny Things

type drawer

I finally remembered to take new photos of my type drawer of tiny things as it’s expanded so much since I last blogged about it. I took a few photos and stitched them together so that you can see everything.

My Type Drawer of tiny things

I was going to add notes on top with what everything was but it turns out Flickr removed that feature! So instead I just made another image for you to compare (click on both images to see larger versions). It’s a pretty good mix of childhood stuff, things I bought and picked up on my travels, my own products and things people have gifted me. Quite a few people who read this have made me tiny things so thank you again. I still have a bit of space left so that’s always a great gift idea.

Type Drawer with notes

In a bit of cross promotion, you can head over to Super Cute Kawaii later today for some tips on buying your own display shelf and tomorrow some places to buy tiny kawaii.

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Weekend Wrap Up

Today's view - reflections

I just took that photo a few hours ago as apparently I am turning into one of those people who get up early on a Saturday to do their shopping. The Clyde is looking like an oil painting today. I went into Glasgow this week for a long-overdue haircut, some pen shopping and to see Jurassic World (awesome) so now I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend, especially with July fast approaching.

News, Offers and Reminders

  • Free shipping worldwide in my Society6 shop all weekend.
  • 50% off mugs and 10% off everything else in my Zazzle store today with the code ZAZZLEMUGLUV.
  • Free shipping on my Kawaii Japan book and 5 year diaries at Lulu through Tuesday with the code JUN50.
  • 25% off some of my cards at Not on the High Street.
  • 50% off my stickers at Redbubble if you buy any 6 designs.
  • If you have a customer account in my shop, there’s 15% off all Solar System products. Just login and check the cart page for the code.

Free wallpapers for July will be posted on Wednesday, but if you want them sent straight to your inbox every month along with news and offers, join my mailing list!

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