New Stamps Preview

Ooh, new tester stamps from @serious_stamp! Which ones would you like to see added to my shop?

I’m testing out some new stamp designs and these arrived from Serious Stamp this week! I picked these characters to try because I’ve been packaging my brooches in stamped envelopes and wished I had matching ones for the Banana and Bread Slice brooches.

One thing I do with my stamps is decorate these little envelopes for shop orders :)

Which of the new stamps would you like to see added to my shop alongside these guys? And which other characters would you like to see in stamp form next? I’d love to know!

Last Chance!

Kawaii Balloons Gift Wrap

I posted off the last sheets of Kawaii Balloons gift wrap on Monday and I’m not planning on reprinting it so you might want to grab the last few gift wrap sets, if it’s a favourite design of yours. It will still be available on-demand from Zazzle and Spoonflower though.

Also running low and not being restocked – Cutie Fruity Friends and Kokeshi Flowers gift wrap, plus badge sets, cards and more. Check out the Discontinued collection to see what’s going away soon.

You may note the Pancake & Egg letter sets are in there. These have been really popular lately and I plan to make them available in a larger size at some point. If you like the smaller size, there’s a few left.

breakfast letter set

Pictures On My Wall Pt 2

So I might have recreated my favourite book cover so I could hang it on the wall...

I have mentioned a few times how much I love the cover design of Satellites of the Solar System, a very outdated astronomy book from the 1950s. It’s been sitting out on my radiator shelf since I bought it, but I wanted a bigger version to hang on my wall. So…I made one!


I was initially going to scan it, but my copy is a bit damaged so instead I redrew the whole thing in Illustrator, because I am that mental. To be fair, it is mostly geometric shapes so it didn’t take very long to do. The toughest parts were the details on the Earth and Moon and also the text because it’s all hand-drawn and using the font it is based on didn’t look right at all. Unknown cover designer, I salute your hard work, though why didn’t you put Solar System on its own line?! I left out the author name, because it kind of spoils the design and also more text to trace. Obviously, I wouldn’t normally copy another artists’ work, but it’s only for me and they’re not even credited.

It’s up in my bedroom now, along with a few more pieces I was waiting to hang together. Apologies for the horrible way woodchip wallpaper photographs. The cat print is by Deth P Sun, the balloons by Stasia Burrington and the bottom one is a plan of my childhood home, by my dad. I’d show you a long shot of the wall but there is literally nothing else on that entire side of my bedroom except a door. It’s hilarious how empty my bedroom is, now that I have a studio.


One problem – those frames were previously standing against the wall under my window and now it looks really empty there. I need to build some kind of simple window seat with a foam top covered in my fabric, yes?

Weekend Wrap Up

Today's view. Warm and foggy.

A quick, late, post today as I was up early to have a look at the Nearly New Sale, which turned out to be 99% stuff for under 5s – disappointing! Instead I walked to Waitrose in thick fog and then walked home in glorious sunshine. It’s been so foggy all week, and yet really warm – very confusing. It’s been a busy week, getting my paper-cut notebooks and 5 year diaries up for sale and working my way through my to-do list.

News, Offers and Reminders

  • Free shipping worldwide + $5 off phone cases at my Society6 store through Sunday, with that link only.
  • 20% off my spiral-bound 5 year diaries and Kawaii Japan book at Lulu through Tuesday with the code SHOP20.
  • 50% off my new stickers at Redbubble, if you buy any 6 designs!
  • Win a vintage sewing book and 3 yards of custom printed Performance Pique fabric at Spoonflower!
  • Zazzle have a new coupons page, so check that before buying from my store!
  • A massive 50% off my Sew Cute rainboots for Plueys this weekend at Ready For Rain with the code BER2014.

ready for rain sale

New! Paper-cut Notebooks

cookie cute notebook

Finally, I have some paper-cut products to show you! It’s been quite the process and I’m really glad to have something finished.

Happy Banana Paper-cut Notebook Happy Radish Paper-cut Notebook

These new notebooks come in three cute designs featuring my Cookie, Banana and Radish characters. Each character is created from layers of machine-cut coloured card for a lovely tactile effect and glued securely in place. These are large-sized notebooks, almost A4, with lined pages, cardboard covers and coloured spines.

Little Ghost Paper-cut Notebook

Also new are these smaller A6 notebooks with my Little Ghost! I couldn’t resist buying these black cardboard covered notebooks and they look so spooky wooky cute!

Cookie Cute Paper-cut Notebook

Look at those layers! I only have a few of each notebook at the moment so don’t hang about if you want one! They’re more time-consuming to make than I hoped (see my earlier post for proof…) so they’ll only be available in small batches. Check them all out in my shop – prices start at just £4!

Spiral-Bound 5 Year Diaries for 2015

5 year diaries

It’s time! I’ve received all my diary samples for next year so the ordering can begin. The standard diaries will be available for pre-order in a few weeks, but first the spiral-bound editions. These are larger with plastic spiral binding so you can lay the pages flat.

Solar System 5 Year Diary

There are two versions this year – the Solar System design that will be on the standard diaries too, and last year’s Look Around design. Each has a page a day for 2015-2019. with space for 5 years of entries per day, and each month is decorated with one of my kawaii characters. There’s also an explanation/intro page and a profile page for each year to note your age, location, hobbies, favourite things and more. You’ll end up with a really great memory book to look back on.

Solar System 5 Year Diary

Spiral-bound diaries are available now on-demand from Lulu with affordable shipping options worldwide. I will also be selling the test copies at a discount once they’ve been displayed at a few craft fairs, but other than that I will NOT be selling the spiral-bound edition direct at any point – they’re just too bulky for me to ship and Lulu do a much better and cheaper job!

Solar System 5 Year Diaries

You can read more about the spiral-bound diaries in my shop or just buy one now from Lulu. Order by midnight Thursday and you can get free shipping with the code SMG14. If you’re after a standard 5 year diary, don’t forget you can sign up to be notified when they’re available (very soon!).

Recent Purchases

Boden have now given me more money in free gift vouchers than I spent on my first order! I got a yellow terrycloth dress with the latest one. Pockets!

I haven’t been buying too many things lately as I’m back saving for Japan, but Boden sent me another £10 gift voucher so I got this super-cute yellow spotty dress (now sold out, but there are still stripey versions). It’s made of terrycloth and is supposedly for the beach, but I am totally wearing it all year round over a t-shirt pinafore-style, like in those Japanese sewing books. I especially love the pockets, which will make it the perfect craft fair outfit.


I was put off buying from Boden for ages because their stuff is quite pricey and they don’t have any real stores to try stuff on, but I had to have the yellow and grey striped breton top, which is my current favourite thing to wear. Boden have since sent me three £10 gift vouchers for no particular reason so I’ve been able to pick up the other two colours too! It’s definitely worth making that first purchase.

Bought a little pot from Anthropologie last time I was in Edinburgh. Surprisingly only £4!

Continuing a theme, I picked up this adorable little yellow stripey ceramic pots at Anthropologie and was amazed to discover it was only £4. They’re supposedly spice jars, but they’re far too big for that purpose and thus much more useful, though I haven’t decided what to do with mine yet.

Bought a few patterned things yesterday.

I love Primark’s sleepwear department and picked up all these cute patterned things for peanuts recently. Cat pyjamas! The other two are vests and are really too good for sleeping in.


And finally, panda socks, on sale! Thank you M&S.

Paper Cutting Afternoon

One of the big downsides of my paper cutting machine is having to sit around while it cuts stuff out.  I only have one cutting sheet, so I have to be around to peel off the card and set up the next one. The actual cutting is just fast enough that you can’t work on anything else, and just slow enough that it’s really boring, once the novelty of watching it cut out my characters wears off. Luckily, I do get lots of happy faces and shapes to entertain myself with. It started with a happy hand….


…and then deteriorated into sad crying Cakeify.

But things are finally moving and I have a pile of things to sell, that I will be listing this week. Here’s a peek at a Cookie who can’t wait to meet you!

Weekend Wrap Up

Good afternoon out at the flower and vegetable show today!

It’s been a weird week – the weather has been all over the place and I’ve been working on about 50 things at once whilst also having a bunch of new ideas. I need to sit down and Have A Think soon so I don’t forget to do all the seasonal things until it’s too late! I also visited the Helensburgh Flower and Vegetable Show, which was pretty amazing – so many colourful flowers and giant perfect vegetables! I also discovered anyone can enter and considering that there were so few entries in the craft section, meaning that everyone must have won a prize, I will have to think about it for next year.

Blog News!

I never seem to have time to do a book/TV/DVD/music/gaming bit here any more so I’m going to start doing that monthly instead. I will post a big Summer catch-up sometime this month.

I’m planning a new Ask Me Anything post soon, all about selling on-demand (Zazzle, Society6, Spoonflower etc.). If you’ve got a question, or would like me to cover something, leave a comment or email me!

Links I Loved

– I can never watch too many 8-bit pixel art chiptune videos. This Ghibli one is awesome.
Emma’s shadow boxes are so cool and such a great idea for product pics. I might have to make some myself!
– Sian’s sketchbook pages are always such a kick in the pants – love her kitchen drawing. Must draw more!

News, Offers and Reminders

– 50% off my new stickers at Redbubble, if you buy any 6 designs!
– I also added a bunch of the test stickers I bought to my shop.
– Free shipping at Lulu for my Kawaii Japan book and spiral-bound 5 Year Diaries with code SMG14.
– 10% off everything in my Zazzle store through Sunday with the code GRANDPARENTS.
– Win 3 yards of custom printed Eco Canvas fabric at Spoonflower!