Weekend Wrap Up

Got my ribbon from @zazzle and ordered all the fabric and foam for my window seat!

I’ve had the flu so I’ve mostly been watching Netflix and messing up any kind of proper work I try to do. Instead I’ve been going through all that artwork I brought home and ordering stuff for my window seat. I finally decided on the sunflowers now that my ribbon arrived, so the fabric and foam is on its way and I can go get some paint testers soon.

News, Offers and Reminders

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More Easter Holiday Photos

Portsoy sunset

Here’s some more of what I got up to on my Easter holidays. We had an unbelievably pretty sunset one night in Portsoy.

One more

We’d gone out to plant some seeds (and make a bee house!) in my mum’s community group garden, so we had the perfect viewing spot. I think we all took about 5 million photos.

liberty boat garden

Here’s one of my and my sister by my mum.

Sunny Findochty. Such a lovely day today.

Earlier that day, we went for a look up Findochty, which was super pretty in the sunshine. We had such lovely weather for most of the week, despite it having been snowing on my train journey up.

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Sunflower Coin Purse


It’s my mum’s birthday today, so here’s some pics of her Mother’s Day present. I designed some cut and sew purse fabric with my sunflowers so that she could make her own purse. She sews up all the purses in my shop, so she got it finished pretty quickly and it turned out really cute!


If you fancy making one yourself, you can buy the fabric from Spoonflower. Basic instructions are available, but you’ll need to know how to insert a zip. Be sure to share any photos if you make one.

Sunflower Coin Purse - Cut & Sew Pattern

Bread Slice at Zazzle

bread slice plate

When I designed my April wallpaper and put Bread Slice on a patterned plate, it didn’t really occur to me that I would be able to put this on actual plates via Zazzle. I’ve always wanted to order a plate and this might be the design I’ve been waiting for! The picnic plates are a bit pricey for plastic but there are paper plates too, which are much cheaper. This version also looks awesome on round cutting boards, stickers and coasters too.

bread slice zazzle

The normal design is looking cute on tons of other stuff, including notebooks, customisable cards, tissue paper, laptop bags, t-shirts and much more. Check it all out.


Making pom-poms! I think I've got the hang of it now.

I have been talking about making pompoms for ages now and I finally got around to it. I ended up ordering a set of smaller pompom makers as the one I had is hilariously ginormous and needs an entire ball of yarn.

Potting pom-poms since I keep killing all the plants.

As you can see, I got the hang of it pretty quickly and made lots in different colours, as well as some multicoloured ones! I wasn’t really making these with any project in mind, so I’ve been using them to decorate my flat. Potted pompoms! They’re much easier to look after than real plants.


My favourites of the others are hanging on my bedroom mirror. I might try making some tiny poms next, and then perhaps some of the more complicated ones that look like fruit and animals.

Dandelyne Custom Portrait

dandelyne portrait

Surprise gifts are the best, but it’s such a trial not being able to talk about them! This amazing thing is a stitched portrait of me and my sister that we commissioned from Dandelyne for my mum’s birthday. It isn’t actually her birthday until later this week but we gave it to her early since we were visiting.

dandelyne sketch

Here’s a peek at the process before the stitching started. Even with this, and all the finished portraits she’s posted on Instagram, I was still astounded by how perfect the final thing turned out! She even got my Boden top down so exactly that I almost expected to find some bits had been snipped out of mine. We also got a sunflower added, as my mum’s favourite flower.

Dandelyne custom portrait of me and my sister

Needless to say, my mum loved it. Sadly for you, Sonia isn’t currently taking portrait commissions, but you can follow Dandelyne on Instagram to find out if she does, and buy her awesome mini hoops and kits on Etsy. I have a necklace kit from Christmas that I really must decide what to do with.

Big thanks to Sonia for all her hard work and amazing stitching skills!

Project Window Seat Pt 2

If you remember, I asked my dad to make me a window seat and it’s going to be amazing. Read the first post.

window seat

So, my window seat is finished! My dad got it all pretty much done in time for my Easter visit. Doesn’t it look awesome? I love the curved legs and the handles. It also has a hinged lid and a fretwork panel.

window seat

We brought it home and it fits in my window perfectly. It’s had a coat of primer so now it’s just waiting for me to decide what fabric to use to make a foam cushion for the top and then buy some matching paint.


I have pretty much decided on the cream sunflowers as it will match the ribbon I bought from Zazzle for my curtain tie backs. I still like the idea of making it sewing themed though, with my sewing pins fabric. Let me know what you think!

Next time – cushion making and/or painting…

Duthie Park Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens, Aberdeen

I had such a good break over Easter and have about a million things I want to blog about so expect some near-daily blogging for the rest of the month as well as a fun new series thanks to the 20+ years of artwork I retrieved from my dad’s loft.

Winter Gardens, Aberdeen

In the meantime, here’s some photos from the Winter Gardens at Duthie Park in Aberdeen. Despite living in Aberdeen for 6 years and having a love of botanic gardens, I somehow never got around to visiting this but we finally made it there for one of my many birthday treats!

All the cacti you could ever want

It was the perfect choice for a horrible rainy day as the glasshouse was bright and warm and there was loads to look at. This might actually be my favourite glasshouse ever, and I’ve been to quite a few all over the world. There are all different areas including tropical, desert, Victorian, ferns etc., plus fun stuff like the Corridor of Perfumes.

Winter Gardens, Aberdeen

I especially liked all the streams and pools of water that made you easily forget you were inside. One even has a bunch of turtles swimming about, plus there’s an animatronic frog submerged in one of the ponds that gave us a bit of a surprise. Look out for the talking cactus too!

duthie park

We walked around the park too, but there wasn’t much to see at this time of year. I’d definitely like to go back sometime and I’m kicking myself for not visiting every week when I lived in Aberdeen.

It’s all free so there’s really no excuse not to visit if you’re ever in town. You can see some more photos at my Flickr.

Bread Slice at Society6 & Redbubble

bread slice duvet

As always, I’ve started adding my new Bread Slice design to my on-demand sites. So far, you can find him on lots of cute products at Society6 and Redbubble.

If you buy from Society6 using this link, you’ll get free worldwide shipping all week too! I can recommend the tote bags.

bread slice society6