Making Cookies


Just a fun animation of how I build my gingerbread man out of papercut pieces. I am quite close to having some finished things to sell and I can’t wait to show you!

Weekend Wrap Up

Today's #ctmonthinthelife photo. I'm back shipping orders after my holiday and it never stops being exciting seeing my work flying off around the world. Some of today's are heading to Germany, the US and Australia!

I got back to work this week and packed up all my holiday orders – thanks for your patience! I’ve also been playing with my paper cutting machine a lot, but it’s still two steps forward and one step back at the moment. I’m really hoping to have something to sell soon!

Links I Loved

- Here’s The Guardian’s write-up of the Haruki Murakami Book Festival event I went to. He was a lot funnier than I expected and now I want to re-read all his books.
- Claire’s farewell post at Super Cute Kawaii is a nice nostalgia fest.
- Shopify’s article on How to Capture High Quality Product Photos With Your SmartPhone has some good tips.
- Animal Crossing and Zelda packs for Mario Kart? Someone buy me a Wii!

News, Offers and Reminders

-You can still get 10% off all orders in my shop with the code AUGUSTHOLIDAY though Sunday.
- My fabric giveaway ends on Sunday too.
$25 off orders over $150 at DENY this weekend with the code LABORDAYLOUNGE.
- Free shipping worldwide at Society6 through Sunday.
- 25% off everything in my Zazzle store through Monday with the code 2014LABORDAY.
- Win a gift card for Ready For Rain (stockists of my Sew Cute rain boots) at Filed.

Work in Progress

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 16.29.42

My little August holiday is over (PS. my 10% discount ends soon!), but I had a good break and I’ve also finished tons of exciting things from my to-do list! I wish I could share but almost all of them have parts somewhere in the mail system that I am impatiently awaiting. No doubt the postman will bring them all on the same day and I will expire from excitement.

While waiting for the slightly less exciting delivery of brown cardboard, I have been setting up some paper cutting templates for my first planned product. As you can see, I’m trying to make the best use of each colour of card, which makes for some strange patterns. I’m also highly amused at how fat my Cookie looks without his icing! Awww.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 16.30.39

Holiday Projects

Today's #ctmonthinthelife vignette - things I've designed that I use all the time! @zazzle bunny squares laptop case, 5 A Day tote bag, vintage buttons Keds, prototype coin purse, @denydesigns sun coaster, Zazzle planet wallet, @society6 cupcake iPhone ca

I always take a few weeks off in August because it’s generally quiet, hopefully sunny and a good opportunity to work on some projects before all the Christmas madness kicks off. So what have I been doing?


I’m still posting a photo a day as part of this challenge. It’s been really interesting for me, to think about all these random aspects of my business – above are things I’ve designed that I use every day, for Vignette. I thought I might have to skip some when I was Up North, but the prompts aligned perfectly so I got to do rest, view, photography and customer! There’s still a few days left, if you want to follow me on Instagram and see.


Updating the website!

Did you notice? Probably not, because the new shop looks almost exactly like the old shop! It does work better on mobile devices and it has some fun new features, like the reviews and ratings. I’m still fiddling with things so let me know if you spot anything wonky.

Test copy just arrived and fits today's #ctmonthinthelife. My favourite thing to design every year is a new 5 Year Diary. The next one is space-themed and will be available in September!

5 Year Diaries

Next year’s 5 Year Diaries are all finished and will be available for pre-order next month. I’m just waiting for the spiral bound test copies to arrive and then I can take lots of photos!

Today's #ctmonthinthelife topic is photography. We've been taking pics of a Japanese Happy Kitchen mini cake kit for a Super Cute Kawaii review. Action shot by @billy49er!

Making a tiny cake

I brought this tiny Japanese cake kit with me so I could use my parents’ microwave. It was really fun to do and actually tasted okay too. You can read my review at Super Cute Kawaii! I’ve also been redesigning the SCK site so look out for that on Monday.


Hunting Tarantulas

This is pretty much my achievement of the year. I didn’t manage to catch a tarantula in Animal Crossing last summer, partly because I didn’t play much post-hospital, but mainly because they only come out late at night and are terrifying and if they see you they run over and bite you until you faint! I was determined to catch one this year though, as it’s the last bug I needed. I even set my game forward 4 hours so I wouldn’t be tired playing at 2am and I finally got one! Now I just need a spiny lobster and a few paintings and my museum will be complete. Despite all this, I still like spiders in real life. PS. If you read my Bunny Day in the Life, you’ll be glad to hear I now have THREE BUNNIES living in my town. And yes, we are still posting away at Quincy & Usagi.

Weekend Wrap Up

Angel Bunny at Spey Bay today.

I’ve been Up North for a few days with Angel Bunny. The weather was pretty bad so we didn’t get up to anything much, but it was lovely to have a break. Today I’m off to Edinburgh, as I have a ticket for Haruki Murakami at the Book Festival. I haven’t been over for ages, since it now takes twice as long as costs twice as much, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new at Hannah Zakari, and having a wander.

Links I Loved

- 1994 Week at the AV Club is proving to be a fun read.
- Great idea for decorating a bookshelf with Spoonflower wallpaper. I have one very similar and may try this.

august holiday

News, Offers and Reminders

- 10% off all orders in my shop with the code AUGUSTHOLIDAY. I’ll be shipping orders again on Thursday.
- Don’t forget to enter my fabric giveaway.
- Win a creative habits book + 3 yards of custom fabric at Spoonflower.
- Zazzle have a new coupons page, so check that before buying from my store!

- I reviewed a Japanese DIY cake kit over at Super Cute Kawaii!

More Japan Zines


Given the chance, I would buy every Japan-related zine I find, but here are some of my recent purchases.

TOKYO: A very brief introduction
If you don’t own any Herb Lester guides then you are really missing out! They’re little foldout maps with themed suggestions of interesting places to visit. There are loads of them and this Tokyo edition is a collaboration with The City Reporter. Tokyo is obviously massive so this guide has four walking tours, of Omotesando, Ginza, Sendagi and Shibuya, packed with cafes, shops and galleries to visit. There are also some travel tips, all illustrated with pen and watercolour. Definitely worth picking up if you have a trip planned, but so nice you should just get it anyway.
BUY IT: £4 from Herb Lester Associates.

Big in Japan
Often comic book travel zines end up being a bit short on content, but Moogs has packed tons and tons of details about her two weeks in Tokyo into 40 pages. She visits lots of places and tries out everything from onsen to okonomiyaki so it’s a great overview of fun things to do in Japan. I love her drawing style too – a mix of detailed pencil drawings and short comic strips. If you’ve ever visited Japan I’m sure you’ll enjoy this as much as I did – it’s full of all the little things that make Japan amazing. Extra point for being from Glasgow too!
BUY IT: £3.50 from Etsy (if out of stock, just message Moogs)

Nic & Craig go to Japan
Another comic book, this time by Nic Lawson in Australia (who put some amazing Australian railway station stamps on my parcel). This is a shorter read with a selection of one page comics about the most fun/interesting things that happened. I still really enjoyed it, especially the Kyoto and Nara pages and all the fun cafes they visited.
BUY IT: $4 (about £2) from Etsy

Thrifty Times #20 – The Tokyo Issue
I wasn’t familiar with the Thrifty Times, but it’s a long-running zine all about thrifting with shop reviews, favourite finds, tips etc. This issue is all about thrifting in Tokyo, with a review of the Chicago Thrift Store in Harajuku, tips on buying secondhand yukata, book, music and game reviews, recipes and more! It’s a great mix of content and I wish I’d bought one of the  bundles now! I’ve never done any secondhand shopping in Japan, but I’m definitely going to give it a go next time.
BUY IT: $1.50 (about 90p) from Thrifty Times.

If that’s not enough, check out my Japan Zines Etsy treasury for more zines, or buy some of mine!

Free Eco Canvas Swatch Day

eco canvas

Spoonflower are being very generous this year! We’ve already had free swatches of faux suede and silky faille, and now you can get your hands on some eco canvas. As the name suggests, its 45% recycled and heavyweight for upholstery, bags and other hardwearing projects.

I was on a train yesterday and my phone was constantly pinging with fabric sale notifications so thanks everyone who already picked my designs for their free swatch! You’ve still got five hours left so get to it! You could try out one of my new designs, or pick a cut and sew pattern. Make sure to show me if you make something with my designs!

spoonflower cut and sew

PS. Don’t forget to enter my fabric giveaway.

August Holiday Discount

august holiday

Just a reminder that I’m still having a break and won’t be shipping any orders until next Thursday. If you have your eye on something, and don’t mind waiting, you can get 10% off any order with the code AUGUSTHOLIDAY. Includes sale items and digital files so go nuts!

Sewing Notions Fabric Giveaway

fabric giveaway

Since you were all so nice about my Sewing Notions Co-ordinates fabrics, I ordered some to give away! The top prize is all four designs printed full size on one yard of the basic quilting cotton. It’s pretty big, look!


The patterns are quite large because that’s the only way to get votes in a contest – anything smaller and people won’t notice it! Usually, I would reduce the print size after but because these were designed to fit on a yard I can’t do that easily. There are lots of details though, especially on the buttons and trim designs, so you can still use some for smaller projects.

I’ll also pick a runner-up, who will get some swatches in different colours.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below and you’ll find lots of entry options. Giveaway is open worldwide and closes on 31st August at 6pm BST. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway