Weekend Wrap Up

I was playing with my new paintbrushes earlier :)

Well, I had a super fun birthday week with a trip to Glasgow on Thursday for a haircut, cinema trip and more cake. More on that soon. I also had some time to play with my new paintbrushes. I had forgotten quite how much I love watercolour painting.

News, Offers and Reminders

Easter Holiday Shipping
I’ll be taking a break from shipping over Easter so orders will be shipped on March 30th and then not again until April 9th.

Free Easter Bunny Garland Printable

easter garland

It’s Easter next weekend so I’ve designed a cute printable you can use to make a garland or decorations. It features my Bunny plus some colourful eggs. I finished designing this and felt something just wasn’t right, and then I added little arms to the eggs and it was perfect! Those eggs make me laugh every time I see them now.

Easter Garland

I haven’t had a garland up since I took down my Snow Day one after Christmas, so this has cheered up my fireplace. It really is starting to feel like Spring.

Easter Garland

This printable is FREE to download and only takes a matter of minutes to put together. Send me a photo if you make one!

Happy Birthday To Me!

happy birthday

Happy birthday to me! I’m working today but will share my, no doubt bunny-tastic, presents soon. Usually I give you a gift on my birthday with a discount or giveaway, but this year I’m asking if you might do something to make my day even more awesome.

If you take a minute to do something from this list I will be so happy and most won’t even cost you a penny!

  • Leave a comment on my blog- I spend a lot of time blogging and love to know someone’s out there!
  • Join my mailing list for freebies, offers and news once a month
  • Buy one of my Japan zines or ebooks to help me save for my next Japan trip
  • Download one of my free printables or zines
  • Review any of my products you own or my freebies on the relevant page in my shop. You’ll automatically get entered into my monthly prize draw too.
  • Review or rate my Tokyo Shopping Guide or Kawaii Japan book on Amazon or Goodreads.
  • Post a pic of something you bought of mine or made with my fabric or printables and tag me
  • Upload a finished fabric project to the fabric’s page on Spoonflower
  • Share something of mine you love with your friends on social media.
  • Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Pinterest

Plus any orders placed in my shop today will get a drawing and a gift, as well as a free badge set if you spend £5.

Thank you so much! Look out for an Easter freebie on Friday too.

Redbubble and Nuvango

You can now buy my designs at two more on-demand sites. Why more? I know, it seems like it’s getting out of hand, but they each have irresistible unique products.


I had no intention of selling on Nuvango until I saw their t-shirts with all over prints! This has been pretty much top of my design wishlist as I’m not a fan of the usual style with just a small space on the front for the design. I’ve started adding my patterns and they all look so great and I want them all. Nuvango also do prints, pillows, phone cases etc. but I am designing primarily for the t-shirts so not everything will be available for every product.


I’ve been selling die-cut stickers quite successfully via Redbubble for a while now and decided it was kind of silly not to let people buy the same characters on the other products too. Especially since they have leggings! Seeing my designs show up on leggings has been one of my most amusing highlights this month. I’ve added most of the main characters and will keep adding more. They also have the usual tees, pillows and cases, plus travel mugs and duvet covers in three sizes.

Now I really need to update my on-demand products page.

Free Badges!

free badge sets

It’s my birthday this week so here’s a gift for you – a free badge set when you spend £5 or more in my shop! You can choose from Cakeify & Friends, Geisha or Prettify, or just let me choose for you. Offer ends when I run out of badges, and then I have plans for exciting new badges.

Customers with accounts – you can get a free badge set with any order with at least one physical product – just login and check the banner on the cart page for details.

Offer applies in my Etsy shop too.

(Also a note on shipping as I’ll be taking a break over Easter. I’ll be shipping orders on March 30th and then on April 9th)

Weekend Wrap Up

Finally got to wish @tinyotterpaws a HAP PEA (belated) BIRTHDAY yesterday via the magic of silly paper cut card.

This week has been a bit more exciting with a trip into Glasgow to eat Five Guys with Claire and give her the silly HAP PEA BIRTHDAY paper cut card I made. I also bought some fun art supplies for a new project. It’s my birthday this Wednesday so exciting parcels have been arriving. I’ll be working on my birthday, but have a little trip up north planned soon and some fun stuff for you too.

News, Offers and Reminders

  • Free shipping worldwide at Society6 this weekend.
  • 25% off duvet covers and pillows at Redbubble through Tuesday with the code DECKOUT. Plus 50% off my stickers, if you buy any 6 designs.
  • 15% off all orders from my Zazzle store through Thursday with the code ZAZEASTERFUN.
  • Don’t forget there will be a new free wallpaper for April. If you want it sent straight to your inbox, join my mailing list.

Saving My Instagram Likes


You may remember recently that I was horrified to discover that Instagram now only saves the last 300 photos you’ve liked (“This helps us make sure Instagram runs smoothly“). I often like photos so that I can check back on them later – things people have made with my fabric, photos of my brooches out and about, cute stuff to write about on SCK etc. etc. Discovering that lots of them were all gone was a bit of a blow. For a while I stopped liking things that weren’t important to me to remember, but that was rubbish too as I want to like the silly things my friends and family post, so instead I found a solution of sorts.


After some googling, some clever person suggested using IFTTT (If This Then That). I just set up a ‘recipe’ (ugh) so that every time I like a photo on Instagram, it automatically posts that photo to a private Tumblr blog I set up. It saves all the user data and a link too so I can easily find the original photo if I want to share something here on my blog and credit it.  Yay!

(You don’t have to post them to Tumblr – IFTTT will work with tons of other sites and services that might be more useful for you. Tumblr is a good choice though as it can be private and retains as much info as what you can find on the Instagram website. Some of the suggestions I saw were terrible and would end up with you saving loads of peoples’ photo images without credit.)

There is one more problem, in that IFTTT only works for new likes (and no, you can’t just un-like and re-like). To save my current likes, I used Gramfeed, where you can view all your liked photos on the web. It was a bit tedious, but I picked out all the photos I wanted to save and then posted them to the same Tumblr using the browser shortcut.

Hope this helps someone – I’m so happy to be able to save all my favourites and look back on them whenever I want.

New Sunflower Fabric Patterns


I got some new fabric swatches in the post recently, including sunflowers in two different patterns and colourways, and a cut and sew coin purse!

Sunflower Coin Purse - Cut & Sew Pattern

I designed the latter especially for my mum since she spends so much time sewing up purses for my shop. I can’t wait to see how it looks! I don’t think we’ll be selling finished purses in this design, but you can buy the fabric for just $5 and make your own. They’re all up for sale now at Spoonflower.

Got my test swatch of @spoonflower minky fabric and it's so soft and cuddly I can't leave it alone.

I also got a test swatch of the new minky fabric and it’s possibly the nicest, most stroke-able fabric yet. It’s so soft and cuddly and perfect for plush toys. If you’re ordering anything at all from Spoonflower, you should add a swatch of this too – trust me!

Sunflower patterns at Society6 + Zazzle

I also started uploading the sunflower repeats to Society6 and Zazzle, if you fancy some finished products, plus crafty stuff like gift wrap, tissue paper and ribbon!

Sunflower Card for Mother’s Day

Now that she's opened it: paper cut sunflower card I made for my mum. Happy Mother's Day!

Coincidentally enough, Sunflowers are one of my mum’s favourite flowers so it was easy to decide what to make her for Mother’s Day. I got my Silhouette out and did some paper cutting and it turned out great!


My favourite thing about paper cutting is figuring out the best way to simplify the design and layer the colours. The sunflower is just made of 2 different yellow flower shapes, a brown circle with a face cut out of it and two green circle leaves, plus a long strip I cut by hand.

Sunflower paper cut close-up

I just used double-sided sticky tape to attach everything so that the petals would lift off the page at the edges.

Sunflower card Mt Fuji card

I might start making some paper cuts available for sale soon, but in the meantime, you can buy my new printed Sunflower card, along with Mt Fuji too!