Weekend Wrap Up

Lots of Jammie Dodger brooches expertly sanded by my dad, hand painted by me and now off to Penny Black in Glasgow!

I haven’t been doing anything too exciting this week – just working away on shop admin, blogging and client work and trying to keep warm. I’ve been enjoying painting my Jammie Dodger brooches a lot so I got the train into Glasgow yesterday to pick up some new art supplies, just for fun.

News, Offers and Reminders

My Sample Sale, Gift Wrap Clearout and Winter Sale will be ending in another week or two, and a lot of it will be going away whether or not it sells, so don’t miss out on some bargains.

Back in Stock

Magnetic meal planner pads are back in stock. Save £2 if you buy a shopping list pad too!

Meal Planner pads are back in stock after a small redesign and now feature a cabbage instead of an onigiri. There’s £2 off if you buy both to get organised.

Glad to have my banana brooches back in stock. It hasn't been the same without them.

Banana brooches are back too after quite a few weeks off. It hasn’t been the same without them.


5 A Day and Little Ghost cards sold well enough to become part of the permanent range, so they’re both back and part of my 2 cards for £3 offer.

5 a day tote bags

I’ve also ordered some more 5 A Day tote bags as a lot of people have been asking about them. I won’t have many so if you really want one, click that link and sign up to be notified and I’ll email you as soon as they arrive in a couple of weeks.

Behind The Scenes

I should really do something about all this soon.

I’ve been re-ordering a lot of products that sold out over Christmas and my desk has been piling up with things to package and make. I took a few photos while I worked so here’s a peek behind the scenes.

Peeling protective paper off ghosts this afternoon. These three think they're cool.

Peeling the protective paper off my brooches is fairly tedious, but my ghosts seem to always make it fun. These three have been trying out some face paint.


I’m trying to retire my colour printer and instead getting things printed professionally. The amount of time and effort I save not having to print and cut out stickers for my gift wrap sets and letter sets makes it well worth the money.

Stamp stamp stamp all afternoon :)

I’ve been doing a lot of stamping too, getting some more notebooks ready for painting and felt hearts, and making a load of envelopes for your brooch, stamp and badge orders. Having a whole flat to spread out in has really helped my stamping accuracy – I don’t think I messed up a single one!

Which is bad news for bargain hunters, but there’s still a few good wonky bargains left in my Sample Sale.

Mt Fuji at Society6

mt fuji clock

As promised, I have added Mt Fuji to my Society6 shop, where you can enjoy looking at him on a variety of products, and buying them too! The clock is definitely my favourite, though I have quite a hankering for the duvet cover. As with pretty much all my designs, the first sight of the shower curtain made me burst our laughing. Amazing.

Mt Fuji products at Society6

Also amazing – there’s free shipping worldwide on almost everything in my store through Sunday. No code required!

Jammie Dodger Brooches

Which Jammie Dodger brooch is your favourite - felt heart or painted heart? They're both in my shop!

My Jammie Dodger brooches have been getting ready for Valentine’s Day. As well as the felt heart versions, there are now hand-painted ones available too. Which is your favourite?

The laser cutters sent my stuff flat this time. It's like a very easy jigsaw puzzle!

The laser cutters sent them flat this time, which was fun. It’s like a very easy jigsaw puzzle!

2015 Desktop & iPhone Wallpapers

january 2015 desktop wallpaper

Sooo, better late than never, right? My plan for the blog this year was to pick a different character each month to play around with. Make a desktop wallpaper, design some new on-demand products or repeat patterns, do a printable or tutorial, etc. But of course I didn’t get much of a holiday to plan, thanks to my horrible cold. BUT that’s no reason to throw away a good idea, especially since January feels as long as two months.

fuji iphone wallpaper

So, here’s a desktop wallpaper for January with or without a calendar, plus iPhone 5 + 6 wallpapers too. These should fit most computers and smartphones – if you’d like me to do a tablet one too, let me know. Download the January Wallpapers

I’ve given myself some restrictions to for this year’s designs to try out some new things. They have to feature circles/dots and use different colour combinations than my usual favourites. January features my Mt Fuji character and uses some traditional colours you see a lot in Japanese woodblock prints. Mt Fuji is only available as a badge so far, so I’m looking forward to seeing him on some more products.

Kawaii Japan Badge Set

If you’d like to be emailed on the 1st of every month with a link to download the latest wallpapers, plus any other recent freebies you’ve missed, join my mailing list as I’m planning to send out more regular emails. That won’t be more than twice a month and you can unsubscribe any time with one click.

Weekend Wrap Up

Finally, some snow has stuck around and it's still coming down!All our fences fell down in the storms.

It’s been another crazy weather week with such strong winds that most of the fences and gates in the back garden have fallen down. It’s been snowing pathetically every day, but finally some has stuck so I hope we get more. I love snow! It’s also been too cold to work on the computer too much so I have been tackling lots of other jobs – packing up the very last sheets of all my gift wrap was a bit sad but I am so excited to order new designs.

News, Offers and Reminders

sample sale

My Sample Sale and Gift Wrap Clearout have been selling out fast, but there’s still some cool stuff left. There’s lots of bargains in the Winter Sale too. Use the code JANUARYBLUES for another 10% off any order through Monday.

Sample Sale, January Sale & Gift Wrap Sale!

sample sale

It’s three sales for the price of one!

sample sale

My Seconds & Samples Sale includes prototypes, experiments, ex-display and slightly wonky items. They’re mostly half price so lots of bargains to be had.

gift wrap

As mentioned yesterday, I’m also having a Gift Wrap Clearout so I can launch a new collection. There’s really not much left, so this is your last chance for these designs. Claire even dug up some very very old Vintage Buttons gift wrap for me so the entire range is all together for one last time!

january sale

And finally, there’s a Winter Sale for things that are nearly gone or I have too much of.

Every order gets a free 2015 calendar postcard too, plus if you spend over £25, you’ll get free shipping in the UK and £3 flat rate shipping worldwide.

Go go go!

Let’s Talk About Gift Wrap

gift wrap ideas

My New Year Sale, Sample Sale and Gift Wrap Sale will all be starting very soon and I’m excited to clear the decks and plan a whole new range of wrapping paper.

The only current design staying is Cookie Cute so I plan to order another 3 or 4 new designs this year. I have my own favourites but would love to hear which ones you’d like to see, whether it’s a design I already sell on fabric or something with one of my newer characters. Please leave a comment and let me know!