Make Your Own Cookie Cute Christmas Cards

printable gingerbread man card

Every year, I somehow manage to find the time to make my own personal Christmas cards for family and friends. I’ve been doing it for about 20 years now so it would be a pretty big deal if I stopped! This year’s cards are on their way and I’ll show you after Christmas, but I though I’d share the process and files from last year’s design if you’d like to make some.

Cookie Cute Cards

What you’ll need

  • A4 brown kraft paper (Paperchase do a nice pack)
  • A4 card (I used light blue here and cream last year, but any light colour is fine)
  • Glue dots (foam dots, double-sided tape or glue will work too)
  • Colour printer
  • Scissors

(You’ll notice I’ve changed the font for these. That’s because the font I used previously is only free for non-commercial use and so I can’t share it with you. Always check the font license if you make something to share or sell).

How to make the cards

1. Download the files.

2. Print card template on to your card. You get 4 per page. If you want them bigger, they will scale fine – just use your printers’ settings.

3. Print gingerbread cookies template on to your kraft paper. You get loads on a page and again you can scale them up if you want.

4. Cut out your cards and fold them. A paper cutter or guillotine will speed this up, as will a paper folder for neat creases.

5. Cut our your cookies. This is a bit fiddly, but start slow and you’ll get faster. If you’re really terrible at cutting. draw an oval shape around the cookies or buy a die cutter with a fancy shape.

Cookie Cute Cards

6.  Stick a glue dot or two on the back of a cookie and stick it to the card. I use glue dots because they lift the cookie off the card a little. Foam dots would do this too (but might make your card too thick for Letter postage). If you can’t find glue dots, double-sided tape or a glue stick will do the job. I just place my cookies by eye, but you could measure and add a dot or two in pencil to make sure it’s centred under the message.

7. Write your message inside and you’re done!

Cookie Cute Cards

These are small cards but fit nicely into brown wage envelopes (WHSmith sell them or look on Ebay – make sure they’re blank!). I stamped the corner with my Cookie stamp (buy one here!), but you could add a sticker or some glitter instead. The cookies are also a great size to stick on to gift tags or just to decorate your gift wrapping. Have fun and send me a photo if you use them!

Cookie Cute tags

Last Chance To Order For Christmas

cookie cute gift wrap

In just over 24 hours I will be packing up the last orders for Christmas and shutting up shop for the holidays. If you’re in the UK and want to grab some last minute gifts, wrapping paper or cards, then you’d better hurry! I’ll be popping some free gifts in with every order too.

Snow Day Garland

snow day garland

I realised the only way I would take down my ghost garland is if I designed a new Christmas garland! This one features my Snow Day characters – a snow bunny, snow bear and snowman all wearing scarves, plus a Christmas tree.

Snow Day Garland

It looks pretty cute hanging over my fireplace (I’m finding I don’t really use the gas fire, if you were worried!) and it only took me about half an hour to put together so you still have plenty time. You can print these off for garlands, tree ornaments, gift tags or anything else you fancy.

Will have a new cute printable up tomorrow featuring this guy.

Anyway, it’s FREE to download and as always, I would love to see photos if you make something.

Prefer gingerbread men? I’ve got a free printable for that too!

Selling Out

banana brooch

It’s been a busy December and so a few products are almost out of stock and won’t be back until next year, or sometimes ever. Here’s a quick run-down of what to grab now, if you want it.


Banana brooches
Thanks to an amazing person who bought 8 banana brooches, and whom I hope is gifting them to all their friends, I only have two left.

Look Around Letter Sets
I only have enough envelopes left to make a couple more sets, but they will be back next year, hopefully along with a new pancake and egg design too.

Meal Planner Notepads
These are running low and I have maybe ten left. They will be back next year.

Jammie Dodger Felt Heart Brooches
I only have 5 left at the current reduced price so get your Valentine’s Day orders in early!

PDF Zines and Sewing Patterns
Due to #VATMOSS, I will be removing these from my shops on December 31st. They should all be available from other sites early next year, but it may take a while and prices may rise. My free zines and printables are not affected.

5 Year Diary - 2015-2019


5 Year Diaries
I have 2 left that are ready to ship, plus an ex-display copy that is in perfect condition and only £10. I won’t be getting any more until I design a new edition next Autumn.

Gift Wrap
I am discontinuing ALL my gift wrap designs, except Cookie Cute, so that I can order some new designs. Flat sheets of Cakeify and Balloons are already sold out and Kokeshi Flowers is pretty much gone too. There are only 3-5 of each gift wrap set design left and four variety packs with all designs.

Look Around Colouring Book
I only have 4 left and won’t be reprinting them.

Cakeify & Friends polymer stamps


If you want them back soon, click on the product and sign up to be notified. I definitely prioritise stuff people are waiting for.

Weekend Wrap Up

I've been folding gift wrap and making tags for the last 3 hours! Send help.

This has been my sight most of the week – folding sheets and sheets of Cookie Cute gift wrap. I think I hit a business milestone and sold my 1000th sheet this week. I can’t even imagine how many parcels will be covered in my gingerbread cookies this Christmas! There’s not been time for much else, especially with a craft fair today. The World Cup Gymnastics were pretty great last weekend, but I was in almost exactly the same seat and I think the same gymnasts won, so there wasn’t much to report without repeating myself.

DAY6-5OffPhCs DAY7-B3MugG1Free

News, Offers and Reminders

Christmas Market This Saturday


It’s my final craft market of the year on Saturday if you’re near Helensburgh or fancy a day out. I’ll be at the Sailing Club from 10am-2pm with whatever comes to hand on Friday evening. More info on Facebook.

Last Chance for International Orders!


If you’re in the US or Western Europe, this is your last day to order from my shop for Christmas delivery! Any orders received by 10am GMT tomorrow will be shipped out same day and should get to you in time. UK folks – you have another week and then I will be closing for the holidays until January 5th.

However! If you’re in the US and have left it too late, don’t worry as most of my on-demand partners are based in the US too and can ship my designs until the last minute. Here’s a quick run-down.

5 year diaries

Need a 5 Year Diary or 2015 calendar? Lulu can take Christmas orders up until the 19th with express delivery. I also have a few diaries in my shop for immediate shipping.


Zazzle also offer express delivery for my t-shirts, mugs, ornaments, cards, gift wrap and much much more, but it depends on the product how soon you need to order. Check this exhaustive list and don’t wait too long to buy. There are still some pretty amazing deals going on just now too so make sure to join their mailing list.

spoonflower gift wrap

Spoonflower can take rush orders up until the 19th if you need some last minute fabric or gift wrap.


Stickers make great stocking fillers and Redbubble can take express orders up until the 20th. Don’t forget, you’ll get 50% off everything if you order any 6 or more stickers.


Society6 don’t offer expedited shipping, but they have a week of deals on at the moment that should get to you for Christmas. There’s free shipping worldwide all week with $10 off duvet covers today, $5 off tote bags tomorrow, and more to come.

As always, if you buy or receive any of my on-demand products, I would love to see them.

Christmas Decorations

Having to put up my Christmas decorations in 15 minute bursts between more important tasks. Mantelpiece finally looking festively cute!

I started putting my Christmas decorations up pretty early because I was really excited and also I love how cosy it makes everything look at night. I’ve been so busy with work though, that I’ve been throwing things together in 15 minute bursts. Luckily, I already keep half my decorations up all year because my snowman lights, pompom garland and snowman ornaments are too cute to put away in storage. I still can’t bear to take down my ghost garland either!


The mantelpiece is my favourite and has all my little ornaments I’ve collected, including a Hello Kitty stocking plush and the Christmas Pikachu. Above are my very favourites – a Decole stamper, Paperchase nesting dolls, Star Momiji doll and a felted snowman I got at Tokyo Design Festa, who survived the plane home in an empty Rilakkuma soup carton.


The Christmas ‘Chu! Believe it or not, I bought this from a Tesco in Inverness.


My beloved snowman solitaire is out on display too. I hate playing solitaire though, so I may have to think of a more fun way to use all these adorable snowmen in a decoration for next year.


And here’s my Christmas tree! I just bought a cheap plastic one from Asda, though it does have lights built in, which has saved me some time and expense. It sits in the window normally, but that’s terrible for photos. I’ve been collecting decorations for years – some are from gashapon in Japan, some are from Paperchase and others are handmade by me or friends.


Some nighttime pics. The angel on the top was made by my sister, and the pudding is the one I stitched myself (get a kit or chart!). You can kind of see the pretty glittery multicoloured tinsel I got from Paperchase too.


Korilakkuma deer and Paperchase pudding are two of my favourite decorations.

Unpacked my Christmas decorations!

Here’s all my decorations when I unpacked them. So cute!

I still need a wreath for the door (I was mega excited to spot a hook on there), but I haven’t seen one I like that isn’t crazy expensive. Maybe I’ll have time to make one once all my orders are out.

Updated cookie ornament postcards are in the shop, and on my tree!

If your own tree is lacking some cute, my ornament postcards are back in stock in a proper thick card, for just £1 each.

Weekend Wrap Up

Still working away, drawing bread slices.

It’s still panic stations around here, with most of my evening now involving some kind of gift wrap folding, Bread Slice drawing or brooch gluing. These guys are currently on their way to a new stockist in Texas – very exciting! I’m getting a bit of a break from work today as I’m off to see the World Cup Gymnastics again.

News, Offers and Reminders


There have been some small changes to my last order dates for Christmas delivery. Make sure you don’t leave it too late!