A Guide To Selling On-Demand

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I’ve had a few questions about selling on-demand, so I’ve put together a couple of posts with what I’ve learned. First off, an introduction.

What is on-demand selling?

On-demand is similar to licensing, in that you allow another company to manufacture products featuring your artwork and you receive a percentage of the sale price. Unlike licensing, on-demand products are only manufactured once someone orders one, hence the name! Because of this, you receive a royalty or commission for each product sold, rather than an upfront lump sum. Most on-demand sites let you upload your artwork yourself and choose which products to apply them to – you keep all the rights to your work and can remove it at any time. While the company will make some efforts to promote your work and add new products and options, usually it’s down to you to get the word out and keep adding new designs and updating them onto products.

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Happy Sunflower at Society6 & Zazzle

sunflower pouf

Bunny might be my character of the month, but I was so taken with her Sunflower sidekick that I started adding that to my on-demand products first. This is the first of my designs that works well on a pouf/footstool and how cute is it?

sunflower zazzle

Here’s a few more of my favourites from Zazzle, including candy jars, dry-erase boards and ribbon! I really need to order some ribbon.

sunflower society6

You’ll also find lots of cool stuff at Society6 and there’s free worldwide shipping this week too. I may have ordered something for myself…

Sewing Storage

Sewing Storage

You may remember I have a nook in my living room that is probably meant for a dining table (mine is in the bay window instead) but in the year I’ve lived here has acted as a place to temporarily dump all the moving boxes and IKEA packaging, storage for things I didn’t know what to do with and somewhere to dry my laundry. No more!

sewing table

My dad was getting rid of this TV unit so I asked for it, just as something to put in that space. At the weekend I was looking for my box of ribbon and realised I could use it to store all my sewing stuff. Before, it was scattered around the flat, with my poor sewing maching dumped on the floor of my studio and my fabric folded away in a plastic crate. I moved it all over and it’s perfect. Ideally, everything would be in my studio, but it’s too small even to sew at my desk and really I do all my sewing in the living room anyway.

Sewing Storage

The left drawer has all my tapestry canvas and other bits and bobs, while the right drawer holds all my fabric for easier rummaging. The shelves above are perfect for my tins of ribbon and tapestry wool, a few books and my Spoonflower colour chart.

Sewing Storage

I moved through a few decorative things from my studio for on top including a jar of my favourite buttons, a tin of less exciting buttons, a cardboard house of sewing notions and the inspirational print Etsy sent me. My sewing machine sits on top too, ready to be moved to the dining table for sewing. I’m also thinking, since it’s IKEA, that I could quite easily buy some extra table legs and extend it to sitting height so it’s even more useful. I’m already much more inspired to get back to my dressmaking!

March Wallpapers


I guess someone’s looking forward to Spring. I didn’t expect this to turn out quite so sunshiney, but it was very sunny morning when I made these. And yes, sunflowers are not a March flower, but it just happened. My choice of character for March is Bunny from SCK since it’s my birthday month and Easter is not far off. Check back throughout the month for more Bunny posts and I will probably sneak the other SCK animals into a few things too.


I’ve made a desktop wallpaper for March with or without a calendar, plus iPhone 5 + 6 wallpapers too with both Bunny and just the sunflower, which I love and have already been creating patterns with. These should fit most computers and smartphones. Download the March Wallpapers

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Weekend Wrap Up

My bunnies have their own little shelf now. I need to get some more of these (shelves and bunnies)

I’ve been avoiding the crazy weather this week (flip-flopping between freezing rain and warm sunshine every half hour) and working on lots of new things, so much so that I am way behind on telling you about them so look out for lots of exciting posts coming up. I took the above photo for SCK to show off all my plushie bunnies and food with faces.

News, Offers and Reminders

  • 28% off everything in my Zazzle store today with the code SHORTMONTH15.
  • 29% off my book, diaries and calendar at Lulu through Monday with the code NOLEAP.
  • 50% off my stickers at Redbubble, if you buy any 6 designs!
  • I reviewed a box full of Japanese snacks at Super Cute Kawaii.

PS. I’ll be posting up my free calendars for March on Monday, but if you want them tomorrow, sign up to my mailing list and they’ll be delivered straight to you, with some news and offers too.

February Round Up


February always goes by so quickly, being shorter and not January.  Here’s what I got up to.

Fave 5 from the blog

Links I Loved

  • Really good article about copying and originality on DesignSponge. I have to agree with a lot of this, and there’s some great debate in the comments too.
  • I would love to go to the Sapporo Snow Festival on year, but in the meantime, I can still enjoy all the photos by Jenna and RocketNews24.
  • I’ve been meaning to do a post about decluttering tips from when I moved but this post is almost exactly how I did it too.
  • There are few things more satisfying than clever packaging design.
  • Good ideas of food-related travel souvenirs to bring back from your holiday at Serious Eats.
  • I’m so looking forward to Rainbow Rowell’s Simon Snow book, based on the fanfiction her character writes in Fangirl.
  • Tor have put together a detailed six season outline for a Legend of Zelda TV show. Would watch.

Things I Want To Make


Giant pompom bunnies! Finally a use for my giant pompom maker.

I’ve always wanted to try sashiko embroidery but the traditional blue/white colours never thrilled me. Rebecca sewed hers with rainbow sashiko thread and I love it.

Fruit pompoms! If anyone has any kind of yarn they don’t want, I will trade you for it so I can go pompom crazy.

I got Mollie Johanson’s Stitch Love book to review and it is too cute! Ther’s even an angel bunny.

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Jammie Dodger Winner!

Jammie Dodger giveaway

Time to pick my giveaway winner…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Cheryl Lynn! Check your inbox for an email from me, or get in touch.

Thanks for all your entries, and look out for a special birthday giveaway next month.

On-Demand Customer Envy

While I love being able to sell my designs on amazing products through on-demand sites, I can’t afford to buy many things for myself. Whenever I get a sale email from Zazzle or check my sales on Society6, it’s both exciting and envy-inducing! Here’s a few things people have been buying recently that made me go, I want that too!

solar system bag

I think a Society6 tote bag is next on my purchase list and I’m glad someone else loves my Solar System characters.

society6 duvets

These duvet covers and pillows were all sold on the same day so I really hope it was all one order and someone has the cutest bedrooms ever. Can I come and visit? I have a weird IKEA sized duvet so I can’t have one of these, but that makes me want one even more.


I don’t really need any more mugs, but these would brighten up my mornings, and they’re really good quality too – my dad has a planet one.


Zazzle‘s products never look quite as spiffy as Society6 onscreen, but everything I’ve ordered has been great, and they have so many awesome products. Good picks here. I especially love that someone bought my Halloween gift wrap! On-demand is perfect for things like that where, even when I’m designing it, I’m thinking ‘no-one but me will want this’. The sticky notes are on my wishlist too – I need to add some more characters to those soon. And the totes are pretty basic, but super cheap too.

I do have some Zazzle commission to spend, so I might order a few bits for my birthday next month. If you ever buy something, do send me photos!

Road Trip To Edinburgh

Stopped at the Kelpies on the way to Edinburgh.

When my dad was here last week, we all went over to Edinburgh for the day. We took a detour via The Kelpies, which was definitely a good idea. They are so massive! You can walk right up to them and there are lots of good spots to take photos. It’s even free, though you can also pay for a guided tour and go inside as well.

The Kelpies The Kelpies

Grangemouth is not the most picturesque setting, but they’ve done a good job of making things nice – there’s a canal running through the site and some cute cabins selling snacks and gifts.


After that, we headed to Edinburgh and did park and ride on a tram! The tramlines have taken so long to build that it’s still almost shocking to see them finally up and running. I love a tram though so it was quite exciting. They’re really nice too – super quiet and pretty cheap. Look at that awful sky! It actually cleared up beautifully later.


I mostly pottered about my usual spots – having a look around Anthropologie and Paperchase, dropping stock off at Hannah Zakari and having a wander round the National Museum. I was going to go to the gaming exhibition but it was TEN POUNDS so I just looked at all the cool stuff in the pop-up shop instead.

Finally made it to Lovecrumbs for brownies. The sour cherry one was pretty awesome.

We also finally made it to Lovecrumbs. I’ve been hearing about their wardrobe of cake for years now and it was great to finally check it out. We shared two brownies – sour cherry and caramel – and they were both amazing. It was pretty packed and popular and all the cakes looked good so I will definitely be popping in again.

Tram photo borrowed from Jan :)